Chef Pamela’s Dinner Party ExP

Oh the Joy! We can Gather Again

Welcome guests, warmth, joy and laughter back to your table with Chef Pamela’s Dinner Party or “Dinner Party EXP,” as her clients call it.

Celebrate by hosting an in-home Dinner Party Experience.

Chef Pamela has created several menus and levels of service from elegant to outlandish to help you celebrate your friends and family with style.

The evening begins…

…with a signature sparking beverage and hors d’oeuvres. Sit back and engage with your guests while Chef Pamela and her team pamper you and your guests with a stream of culinary delights.

Roasted Beef Tenderloin

What We Can Do for You

Relax in your home enjoying wonderful food, good conversations, a thoughtfully decorated table, and being with each other

You can host with an open heart knowing Chef Pamela and her team has everything covered.
Watch for those extra special touches your guests will appreciate and remember throughout the evening.

The Dinner Party ExP

Use your best china, invite up to twelve of your favorite people for a wonderful evening of food, friends and great conversation.

Celebrate getting together again!

This is our most popular package.

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Elite Dinner Party EXP

Small group Catering

We offer services to small groups that won’t necessarily fit around a dinner table.

Choose from three service styles: Family Style where dishes, bowls and platters of delicious foods are passed around the table.

Buffet Style where your guests can fill their plates from a buffet or food stations – selecting their favorite temptations.

Passed Light to Heavy Hors d’ oeuvres – not quite a meal but great for entertaining

Themed Pop Up Dinners

A few times a year we do a Pop-Up Themed Dinner. This is an event that features a guest chef, raises money for charity or an awareness, or just for fun like our elegant “Dinner & Diamonds” featuring fine food and beautiful jewelry

 A great reason to get dressed up and eat an elegant meal in an extraordinary setting.

Who are you inviting to your Dinner Party EXP?

Pick a date, select up to 12 friends, minimum 4, and then send us a message. We will get back to you with menus and information promptly.

Enjoy elegant service, good conversations, and great food.

Let’s celebrate being able to gather again

Watch Chef Pamela's TV show on WTVI-PBS Charlotte- Charlotte Cooks

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Charlotte Cooks: A production of WTVI-PBS Charlotte

Viewable in the Charlotte/South Carolina PBS region to almost 2 million homes and on You Tube

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