Cooking Classes

October 2018 Classes

Delicious Vegetarian Cooking!

October 13 from  11 AM- 1 PM

October 27 from  11 AM- 1 PM

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Each class needs a minimum of 5 people to “make”. If a class does not make, your money will be cheerfully refunded within 24 hours of the scheduled class.

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Learn Healthy Cooking from a Certified Professional Chef & Certified Culinary Educator

Get WEll, Be Well,


Learning to cook can be a lot of fun. Cooking your own food puts you in control of what and when you eat.

Additionally, you know what is in your food.

Knowing what is in your food is key to a successful diet program. If you want to go on a Ketogenic, Paleo or other low carb diet, the success of your diet is in jeopardy every time you eat out. The amount of hidden sugar in restaurant food in alarming.

If your doctor has told you to limit sodium, fat sugar or any other prescribed diet, to be successful in reaching the desired outcome, you need support and guidance. Cooking classes become part of the success formula: Learn what to eat, how to cook it and how to plan meals – from what to buy and when to eat it.

Our classes cover a wide range of healthy cooking. No matter what diet theory you subscribe to, we can create meal plans and classes for you. 

A new diet isn’t a sentence, it is an opportunity to explore what you CAN eat. Learn new recipes and cooking methods that put you in charge of your food. It is easy, once you know how.


First time in the kitchen
Ready for pickling
Making Fresh Sausage

About Our Classes

Chef Pamela’s Cooking Classes are designed for you to get the most out of them. You can interact as much as you want or attend a demo class where you watch, learn and taste.

Classes are held at Dynamic Health & Pain Management on Saturdays 

Hint: Classes fill up fast