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Learning to cook can be a lot of fun. Cooking your own food puts you in control of what and when you eat.

Additionally, you know what is in your food.

Knowing what is in your food is key to a successful diet program. If you want to go on a Ketogenic, Paleo or other low carb diet, the success of your diet is in jeopardy every time you eat out. The amount of hidden sugar in restaurant food in alarming.

If your doctor has told you to limit sodium, fat sugar or any other prescribed diet, to be successful in reaching the desired outcome, you need support and guidance. Cooking classes become part of the success formula: Learn what to eat, how to cook it and how to plan meals – from what to buy and when to eat it.

Our classes cover a wide range of healthy cooking. No matter what diet theory you subscribe to, we can create meal plans and classes for you. 

A new diet isn’t a sentence, it is an opportunity to explore what you CAN eat. Learn new recipes and cooking methods that put you in charge of your food. It is easy, once you know how.


First time in the kitchen
Ready for pickling
Making Fresh Sausage

About Our Classes

Chef Pamela’s Cooking Classes are designed for you to get the most out of them. You can interact as much as you want or attend a demo class where you watch, learn and taste.

Classes are held at Dynamic Pain & Health Management of selected Saturdays in three sessions:

10 AM -12 PM – Selected Breakfast Recipes – Learn great ideas to keep you going all week long
1-3 PM – Healthy Cooking –  See Schedule for current class schedule
4-6 PM – Healthy Cooking – See Schedule for current class schedule

Cooking Classes begin on Saturday, February 17, 2018

10 AM -12-PM Healthy Breakfasts for Busy People just like you

1 -3 PM Cooking Keto/Paleo Hint, Tips and a delicious meal

4 – PM Vegetarian Cooking – Do you know how to make Scordalia

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Sampling of Classes Offered:

      Healthy Breakfast: Eat In or Grab & Go!

  • Learn smoothies, overnight oats, and healthy breakfast muffins
  • Saturday 10-12 AM – $35.00 1½ – 2 hour class

      Smoothies & Refreshing Beverages; Basic Juicing

  • Learn about fresh vegetable juices, healthy power packed smoothies and 2 ways to flavor the water you drink every day. Make Carrot Muffins from carrot pulp.
  • Includes 10-ways to Add Flavor to Your Daily Water handout
  • Saturday 10-12 AM $35.00 1½ – 2 hour class

      Total Cellular Detox Diet

  • Examine the best way to start your intermittent eating pattern while learning some tempting new recipes. The Total Cellular Detox Diet plan is explained and meal plans are given to help you get started. Learn at least 3 new delicious healthy dishes!
  • This class is free to clients of the Total Cellular Detox Program offered by Dynamic Health
  • $100.00 2 hour class

      The Mediterranean Diet

  • Learn how to create delicious meals following the guidelines of the Mediterranean Diet. This exciting cuisine features whole, unprocessed foods like citrus, herbs, fresh vegetables and more!
  • $75.00 2 hour class

      Cooking Paleo

  • Discover the ins and outs of cooking Paleo. Easy recipes will leave you feeling satiated and build your confidence creating paleo meal plans to achieve your health goals.
  • $75.00 2 hour class

      Cooking Vegetarian Meals

  • Understand the different levels of vegetarianism from vegan to pollo-ovo-lacto. Learn solid cooking techniques for 3-4 dishes including a vegan chocolate cake with tofu frosting! Discover seasonal produce, herbs and seasonings.
  • $75.00 2 hour class

      Pickling and Fermented Foods

  • Fermenting foods at home is easy. Eating fermented foods is beneficial to your gut health. Learn to make ½ sour pickles, sweet pickle chips, pickled cauliflower, pickled beets, preserved lemons and see how sauerkraut is made. Create your own fermented Dijon style mustard.
  • $75.00 2 hour class

      Herbs to Know, Grow and Use

  • Discover 5 fresh herbs you can easily grow and use in your kitchen. Herbs offer many health benefits as well as adding exquisite flavors to the foods we cook. Take home a pot of scallions to get your herb garden going. Create 2-3 dishes using the herbs to create a tasty meal.
  • $75.00 2 hour class

      Making Pasta from Scratch

  • Get your hands on some dough and make some pasta! We will create basic pasta dough, learn how to add flavors and colors using beets, spinach or tomatoes even turmeric, macha or squid ink. Make a simple cheese filling for tortellini, mushroom filling for ravioli, fresh tomato sauce for fettucine and linguine. Learn how to cook and store fresh pasta and enjoy a very filling meal of your creations. There will be plenty of dough left over for you to take home too.
  • $100.00 3 hour class

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    Culinary Boot Camp

For those serious about learning to cook like a professional chef

Each class $75.00 each 2 hour class

Bundle Bonus All 12 classes: $750.00 – save $150

                Classes offered as a series – one session each Saturday per month 12-2PM on a rotating basis. Classes are best taken in order; however you can join the class series anytime.

                Learn professional cooking skills – Take the series or take a class – Build your skills from basic to advanced – These classes teach the same skills that are taught to professional chefs in culinary school. Once these skills are mastered, you will free yourself from using recipes step by step. Recipes will become suggestions and give you some great ideas.

All classes are taught by a professional chef and professional culinary educator who teaches culinary school. Read Chef Pamela’s bio for more information on her culinary expertise.

Basic Knife Skills is a full basic knife skills class. It is a great place to start. Having good knife skills will set you apart from others. All it takes is practice once you know what to do. Knife skills are emphasized and taught in every class as appropriate to each class.

Culinary Boot Camp Series of Classes:

  • Basic Knife Skills –

Consistent Cuts = Consistent Cooking – knife skills separate amateurs from the pros, even semi pros and really good cooks know basic knife skills

  • Stocks, Soups and Sauces –

Learn basic vegetable and chicken stocks, simple soups and how to make the mother sauce: Velouté – versatile enough to turn into hundreds of different sauce. Learn the technique and free yourself from depending upon a recipe to create a sauce.

  • Sauté, Roast and Pan Fry –

Basic versatile cooking methods for everything from meats to vegetables

  • Braise, Steam, and Stew –

Moist heat cooking methods for tougher meats and produce. These methods can create complex flavors and still be very healthy.

  • Selecting and Cooking Seasonal Vegetables –

Fresh seasonal vegetables from the farmers market. Using our knowledge from previous classes, we will create several delicious dishes from our market bounty.

Trips and tours of farmers markets or grocery stores can be arranged, please ask!

  • Selecting & Cooking Chicken –

Best cooking methods, how to fabricate a whole chicken, trussing birds, creating elegant dishes

  • *Selecting and Cooking Seafood* –

Shrimp, sole paupiettes, salmon

  • *Cooking Meats: Beef, Pork*

Why choose grass-fed, organic or heirloom meats?

  • Basic Sausage Making –

Select the meat, seasonings to grind and learn to make fresh breakfast sausage patties and Sweet Italian Sausage links using KitchenAid stand mixer attachments.

  • Salads & Salad Dressings –

Learn how to make salad dressings, basic salad components that create amazing salads – learn chef’s secret formula!

  • Healthy Baking –

Chocolate Avocado Pudding  with fresh fruit, mint and toasted nuts– Vegan Chocolate Cake with Tofu Frosting

  • Chef Pamela’s Cooking Baking Secrets –

Learn the difference between cake-like, soft & chewy or crispy cookies. You will make the best cookies around!

*If purchased separately, these classes cost $100.00 each due to the cost of the ingredients used in the class. We will use heirloom, grass-fed, organic meats and wild, sustainable seafood.

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