Welcome the New Year!

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So, How are you Doing? 

Did you make it through the holidays?





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I want to talk to you about how you think about yourself today.

If you over ate or simply ate holiday foods and now feel full, bloated and sluggish, don’t hate yourself for it. Let’s change that mindset.

The holidays offer lots of tempting ways to derail a diet and healthy lifestyle. Sure we drank eggnog, and hot chocolate, wine and champagne; ate cookies and treats, mashed potatoes, cheese, cream, butter, meats, dips, chips and a lot of stuff in between.

We started with good intentions but still ended up eating that biscotti dipped in Amaretto or hot chocolate, not just once but maybe a few times.


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 So What! ENJOY IT!

Stop the guilt garbage; that kind of thinking is very damaging.




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Recognize where you are with it, identify what needs to be done and make a plan to do something about it.

Then get busy working your plan.

Leave the guilt garbage behind. You’re better than that.

You don’t do these things every day (at least you shouldn’t) If just once a year you allow yourself to enjoy the holiday treats your guilt factor will go down and your self-love will increase.




Self-love is the key to successful diet and lifestyle changes. It is a complex process that one typically needs support and encouragement to succeed.

You may identify you need to clean up your diet, get moving more, learn about real foods, how to cook great meals easily, meal planning, how to care for your body, skin and spirit.

During this time approaching the New Year, take some time to reflect about the new you that could emerge in the New Year. Think about something you want to accomplish, see, visit, write, develop, do, create; the list is endless and so are your possibilities.

If learning how to cook or increasing your Kitchen Confidence is on your list,  be sure to contact us for a free 20 minute consultation to see how you can start the new year on track to meet your goals.

Share your thoughts and goals with us so we can all be supportive of each other.

This year I am going to release10 pounds and get a movement routine into my schedule that becomes habit.
(So my skin and muscles have nice tone!)


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Coaching Tip: Notice I said “release 10 pounds” ask me why!

I declare right now: No flabby old lady for me!



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